Fri June 10, 2011, “RNA-seq in all flavors” Mini-symposium GEN

RNA-seq in all flavorsRNA-seq in all flavors” Mini-symposium Lausanne Genopode Auditorium C

Friday June 10, 2011


14:00 Welcome address, Ioannis Xenarios, SIB/Swiss-Prot
14:10 Keith Harshman, UNIL
«Different flavors of RNA-seq library preparation»
14:35 Jacques Rougemont, EPFL
«Quantifying the expression of retro-elements with RNA-seq»
15:00 Simon Anders, EMBL
«Comparative analysis of RNA-Seq data»

15:45 coffee break

16:15 Anamaria Necsulea, UNIL
«Rapid evolution of alternative splicing in mammals revealed with RNA sequencing»
16:40 Yvan Wenger, UNIGE
«Transcriptome analysis of early hydra regeneration»
17:05 Alexandre Reymond, UNIL
«HTS to understand expression changes and the mechanisms beyond»

17:30 end of meeting

Organizers: Sylvain Pradervand, Keith Harshman, Christian Iseli, Jacques Rougemont, Ioannis Xenarios

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