Interview of the CIG’s PhD students

Doing a postdoc at the CIG

Interview with two postdocs

Laura Steinbusch and Shilpi Minocha (from left to right)
So, there you are, having successfully finished your PhD training in the Biological Sciences and nobody can prevent you from certifying yourself as a qualified scientist and putting “Dr.” in front of your name whenever you deem fit. And it smells of more. The darn sad moments at the bench when nothing seemed to work and your negative control experiment did not exactly come out as negative as you had anticipated – or to be more exact: as you’ve hoped for – have been completely wiped out of your memory and are replaced by joyful recollections of an endless row of scientific successes. So, the next step to eternal fame is to go for a postdoc. But what does it mean to do a postdoc at the CIG? Let’s ask Shilpi Minocha and Laura Steinbusch.

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