Postdoctoral fellows positions open in the University Hospital of Aix-Marseilles (FR)

two-year post-doctoral position: Preclinical R&D of molecular imaging and theranostic agents for dysangiogenic diseases.

  • Application Deadline: October 8th (Late applications may be considered if the position remains unfilled.)
  • Activity Leader: Professor Philippe Garrigue.
    Affiliation: PU-PH Radiopharmacy, University Hospitals of Marseille, Department of Medicines and Health Safety, Faculty of Pharmacy, Aix-Marseille University.
    Research Centers: Center for Cardiovascular and Nutrition Research (C2VN, UMR AMU INSERM 1263 INRAE 1260), European Center for Medical Imaging Research (CERIMED, UAR AMU CNRS 2012