PROfessional Women with Doctorates (PROWD): a programme organized by the University of Lausanne’s Equal Opportunities Office

Supporting female researchers’ careers is a major objective of the University of Lausanne’s Action plan for gender equality 2017-2021. The UNIL Equal Opportunities Office is pleased to announce the launch of new offer for female PhD holders:


PROfessional Women with Doctorates

PROWD aims to complement the workshops and activities offered by the Graduate Campus by proposing a six-month long programme including the following elements:

  •  workshops specifically designed to address the issues that concern the academic and professional careers of highly qualified women
  • support and advice in career development (mentoring, coaching)
  • opportunities for sharing personal and professional experiences and networking events

The programme proposes two parallel tracks, Academic career and Non-academic careers, linked by joint events. The first edition will run from October 2018 to April 2019. Registrations are open until June 30th. Up to 12 participants will be accepted in each track of the programme.

You will find detailed information about the programme, the conditions of participation and the registration forms at

For further information and questions, please contact the programme coordinator at or 021 692 67 86.