Thur Feb 4 D.Day 8:30 GEN

D.Day, GEN Auditorium C

08:30      Registration and mounting of posters
09:00      “Novel anti-viral strategies against human pathogenic arenaviruses” Prof. Stefan Kunz
09:45      Meet the neighbors: selected talk from abstracts
10:05      Poster session (odd numbers) around coffee and croissants
11:00      Meet the neighbors: selected talk from abstracts
11:20      “Floral signals, pollinator behavior, and plant evolution” Prof. Florian Schiestl
12:05      Lunch
13:45      Meet the neighbors: selected talks from abstracts
14:45      Poster session (even numbers)
15:45      “New concepts on the origin, nature and role of viruses in the evolution of life” Prof. Patrick Forterre
16:30      Poster awards

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