Welcome to Gilles Willemin

Gilles Willemin has joined the MEF staff and Nouria Hernandez’ team in April 2014. Gilles has completed a Master in biology at UNIL, in the field of glucose homeostasis. It was performed in the laboratory of prof. Bernard Thorens. Later on, he joined as a technician the laboratory of Dr. Kaori Minehira (Dept. of Physiology, UNIL) where he was in charge of all technical aspects of the laboratory and developed strong skills in the field of hepatic steatosis.


Gilles works at part time (40%) as a lab technician in Nouria Hernandez’ laboratory, supporting the metabolism oriented researchers of the lab, and works the rest of the time (60%) for the MEF. He will share this time between the blood assay facility and the metabolic studies. Gilles will be heavily involved in the implementation of techniques related to lipid metabolism.



Photo passeport - Gilles Willemin