Welcome to Gizem!

Hi, it is Gizem Parlak. I just came from Turkey where I studied Molecular Biology and Genetics at Koç University and did my masters there in Biotechnology and Circadian Clock Laboratory.

During my master’s, I investigated mutations in one of the core-clock proteins regulating the clock, CRY2, and performed functional analysis.

Now, I am glad to join the Gatfield’s group. In a former study, they discovered that Cry2 is regulated by NMD. I will investigate this further, if it is caused by the length of 3’UTR or if there are some other factors involved.

Personally, I love reading, art, history, mythology, and I perform marbling art. Recently, I got hooked on K-Drama, so you can recommend me series when you see me around 😉

You all have a nice day.