Conflict management workshop, on Wed. June 29, 2022, Agora building

When: 29 June 2022, 9am to 6pm
Where: Agora, Room 050
Trainer: Dr. Marie-Pauel Haefliger (mph development)


This participative workshop is specially created to empower PhD students and postdocs to prevent clashes and to resolve conflicts toward mutually beneficial solutions, as well as cultivate a collaborative work environment. Unlike more traditional conflict management courses which focus solely on communication changes to manage conflicts, this workshop instead takes a more complete approach. It is designed to guide the participants through cognitive biases, emotion management, communication, negotiation and conflict regulation for productive conflict management.

The workshop will consist of a 1-day course (in-person), followed by individual feedback sessions (45 minutes per session, held over Zoom) around 2-4 weeks after the workshop. The in-person session will consist of small group discussions and exercises, as well as individual exercises.

In case of any enquiries, please contact Cheryl Chiang (, or Ebi Antony George (

Seats are limited to the first 12 registrations!

Organised by te APNS (Association for Postdocs in Natural Sciences)