Group Leader position in Conservation Genomics open at the CREAF and CRG, Barcelona (ES)

The CREAF (center for research in ecology and forestry applications and 
the CRG (center for genomic regulation) are opening a join and very 
attractive group leader position in Conservation Genomics.

Read the complete offer here:

Since the mechanism that we are using to finance this position is not 
the usual at the CRG, please contact to apply to the position.

Junior Group Leader position with a 5-year contract renewable for a total of 9 years depending on external peer-review, and structural funding to cover salaries and consumables for up to three people depending on their qualifications. We offer an equipped laboratory, or office space, for 7-9 people with access to cutting-edge core facilities (http://www.crg.

For this position, we will employ the ICREA mechanism. Candidates should apply to the ICREA senior call, and seek the support of both the CRG and CREAF to the application. Please contact if you have questions about the position, and to get CREAF-CRG support, when applying to the ICREA position and also send your CV to this address. The joint position is conditional to the ICREA position.

We offer and promote a diverse and inclusive environment and welcomes applicants regardless of age, disability, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The CRG-CREAF are committed to reconcile the work and family life of its employees and are offering extended vacation periods and the possibility to benefit from flexible working hours.

The CRG-CREAF values innovative and interdisciplinary Research and is involved in attaining the sustainability principles of the United Nations