Science communication career: roundtable on June 16, 2022 at 4 P.M at the Agora building.

To help you discover career opportunities in the field of science communication and outreach, Skills for Scientists and REATCH  welcome you to attend the “Careers in Science Communication and Outreach”roundtable that will take place on June 16th from 4pm to 6pm at the Agora, Lausanne. Registration is via this link.

We have invited five specialists (see list below) that will describe their career paths, what they do in their daily work and provide tips on what to aim for if you would like to move into a career in science communication. The presentations will be followed by a moderated Q+A session.

The panelists include: 
Séverine Trouilloud (UNIL/l’Eprouvette)
Massimo Caine (UNIGE / TheScienceBreaker)
Horace Perret (UNIL / Science et Cité)
Olivier Dessibourg (journaliste scientifique / auteur / GESDA)
Samuel Lagier (SamSpeaksScience)

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