Départ à la retraite de Philippe Lhote – Retirement from Philippe Lhote

Philippe a commencé au CIG le 1er avril 2005. Il s’est occupé de la culture cellulaire des groupes Hernandez et Herr durant toutes ces années.

Il est parti à la retraite le 31 juillet 2022 et nous lui souhaitons beaucoup de bonheur dans cette nouvelle étape de sa vie
Philippe started at the CIG on April 1, 2005. He took care of the cell culture of the Hernandez and Herr groups during all these years.

He retired on July 31, 2022 and we wish him a lot of happiness in this new stage of his life.

Les givrées du Génopode

We started with 4 people in September and now at Christmas time we are 8 who are going every week into the lake … and yes we are enjoying it :o)

The “givrées du Génopode” wish you a Happy Holiday Season !

Welcome to Noémie Chabot !

Noémie was born in a small town close to Paris. She fell in love with genetics in her first science classes in middle school. After high school, she studied medicine in Paris and received her Bachelor’s in medical sciences. Then, she switched from medicine to research and graduated from the Magistère Européen de génétique in Paris Diderot University. During her Master’s, she had the opportunity to work on the HOX gene evolution in plankton (Oikopleura dioica) in the Chourrout group, Center for Marine Biology in Bergen, Norway. Afterwards, she had a great experience studying the effects of compressive stresses on C. albicans in the Holt group, NYU, New York. Finally, she did her Master’s thesis with Dr Escude’s group at the Natural History Museum of Paris, where she worked on the evolution of alpha-satellite sequences in Cercopithecini. Now, she begins a new chapter in the Vastenhouw lab. She will be focusing on understanding early gene transcription in zebrafish and the biophysical mechanisms involved in that process. Exciting!

​During her free time, she likes to play the violin (be careful of your ears), travel, and build her family tree.