Congratulations to L. Prieto Godino, R. Benton and F. Schütz on their FBM award!

L. Prieto Godino, R. Benton and F. Schütz have received one of the 7  prizes given at the FBM awards the 8th of June 2017.

Young Researcher in Basic Sciences Award
Lucia Prieto Godino (Benton lab)
For her work on the evolution of neural circuits using the drosophila olfactory system and for her remarkable outreach activities, in particular her involvement with the organisation «Trend in Africa», which brings high-level science education opportunities to communities with limited resources

Outstanding Student’s Guidance Award
Richard Benton
For his outstanding contribution to the Summer Undergraduate Research (SUR) Programme for foreign students and thus contributing to the international visibility of education at the FBM

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award
Frédéric Schütz
For his excellent and innovative teaching performances in statistics with an enthusiasm that is highly appreciated by the students

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