Interviews of the CIG PIs: R. Benton

Series of interviews were written to present each PI of the CIG.
Most of them are already available on the CIG Report 2015-2016’s website, and every week we will be displaying one of them in the newsletter.

“Can you smell it?”

How odours trigger behaviour

Prof. Richard Benton and his team would like to understand how odours can trigger behaviour. Using Drosophila as a model organism, they are elucidating the signalling pathways involved in capturing and processing odorant cues that will provoke a behavioural response in the animal. Prof. Benton’s group is approaching this complex interplay between many actors from both a molecular point of view – characterizing, for example, the receptors involved and their interaction with ligands – as well as from a broader evolutionary perspective, ultimately trying to answer fundamental questions concerning the origins of neuronal circuits and behaviour.

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