Mon Apr 12, 2010 BIG Sem. P.Cosson BIO

BIG seminar

April 12 17:00 Biophore

Pierre Cosson

University of Geneva

Interaction of cells with bacteria: how little we know

Eukaryotic cells and bacteria constantly interact, both in the environment and within our body. Phagocytic eukaryotic cells ingest and kill bacteria, either to feed upon them or to eliminate them from our organism. Bacteria exhibit a vast array of mechanisms that allow them to resist phagocytic cells,and to infect multicellular organisms. The mechanisms by which phagocytic cells kill bacteria, as well as the mechanisms by which bacteria escape killing are key elements of this confrontation, and are still poorly understood. We are making use of Dictyostelium amoebae, a model phagocytic cell amenable to genetic analysis to try to unravel this complex interplay.Looking forward to welcoming you at this BIG seminar.

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