PhD student positionavailable at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Doctoral (PhD) student position in Human Genetics at the Karolinska Institutet

This research proposal has been designed for a PhD student to develop skills and knowledge on tinnitus, the phantom perception of sounds, a condition that affects 15% of the population. By integrating epidemiology and genetics in a multidisciplinary approach and thanks to excellent opportunities for cooperation with an international network of tinnitus experts, and active participation in the training activities within ESIT, the student will embrace interdisciplinary aspects of his study and work in close hands with clinics and pharmaceuticals. This project offers an enriching educational environment for a PhD student in an emerging field. To learn more about this interdisciplinary team formed by leading European auditory laboratories and companies from 10 EU states, please

Until recently, the genetic contributions to tinnitus have been underestimated. The laboratory recently found that tinnitus experienced in the two ears (bilateral tinnitus) has a high heritability (68%), which offers a solid basis to establish the genetic underpinnings of specific subtypes of tinnitus. With this aim in mind, the project will consist in performing whole exome sequencing (WES) and genome wide association studies (GWAS) in deeply characterized cohorts of tinnitus subjects and larger national cohorts. In parallel, epidemiological studies will be performed to extract potential causative factors to specific forms of tinnitus.

The applicant is expected to have a strong interest in bioinformatics with strong knowledge in biostatistics, and experience in handling genome databases and browsers. Previous experience in a laboratory of human genetics is strongly recommended. The research education will take place in a creative environment in close collaboration with other PhD students, postdocs and researchers. The applicant is expected to actively perform research and to analyze and present results.

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Project leader:
Christopher R. Cederroth | Ph.D.
Experimental Audiology | Department of Physiology and Pharmacology | Karolinska Institutet
Von Eulers väg 8, plan 2 | 171 77 Stockholm – Sweden tel: +46(8)524.87245 | fax: +46(8)327026