Research associate, Post-doctoral fellow and PhD student positions open at the IRB Barcelona (ES)

The Patrick Aloy lab (IRB Barcelona) believes that AI has the potential to transform drug discovery, as it is reshaping other areas of science and technology. However, to enable systems pharmacology, we need to blend biology and chemistry, and format it in a way that is amenable for modern machine learning. Small molecule bioactivity descriptors (Duran-Frigola et al. Nat Biotechnol 2020; Bertoni et al. Nat Commun 2021) and biological embeddings (Fernández-Torras et al. Nat Commun 2022) may help generalize this approach, smoothing the future transition from precision to personalized medicine. Indeed, we are now working on signature-based generative models where, instead of looking for the most suitable approved drug to treat a patient, we will design specific drugs for each molecular profile.

Please, find below three offers to work in my lab as Research Associate (i.e. senior researchers with an open contract), Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Assistant.

Research Associate:


Research Assistant: