Seminars of candidates for the Faculty position open at the CIG – July. 4-6, 2018 – Génopode, Aud. B

Public talks will all be held in Auditorium B, Genopode building
Face to face meetings with assistants (room 5022 and 3027) and PIs (room 4026) will be organized in the afternoon.

Wednesday July 4:

09:00    Ana Claudia Marques, UNIL, CH
“Expanding the repertoire of functional lincRNAs”

09:45    Nadine Vastenhouw, MIP-CBG, DE
“Firing up the embryonic genome”

10:30    Coffee break in the hall

10:45    Joao Matos, ETHZ, CH
“Rewiring DNA repair for genome stability or genome haploidisation”

11:30    Jean-Yves Roignant, IMB Mainz, DE
“Deciphering the mechanisms of co-transcriptional RNA processing and modifications”

Thursday July 5:

09:00    Tuncay Baubec, UZH, CH
“Understanding the principles of epigenetic gene control in mammalian cells”

09:45    Eric Aeby, Harvard Med. School, USA
“Breaking allelic symmetry: novel approaches reveal the role of RNA in development and disease”

10:30    Coffee break in the hall

10:45    Pei-Chi Wei, Children Hosp. Harvard, USA (skype)
“Recurrent DNA breaking genes in neural stem and progenitor cells”

 14:15    Marta Melé Messeguer, Harvard University, USA (skype)
“The role of the non-coding genome in individual variation and disease”

Friday July 6:

09:30    Peter Refsing Andersen, IMBA GmbH, AT 
“Hacking gene expression: active heterochromatin in genetic conflicts”