Symposium “Cardiac RNA-mediated (re)programming” March 9 & 10, 2023

Collaborative symposium of the SNF Sinergia Program “Regenerative strategies for heart disease via targeting the long noncoding transcriptome” and the CVM PhD program FBM-UNIL.

Jeudi 9 mars 2023 – 9h00 au Vendredi 10 mars 2023 – 16h00 – Agora – Paternot Auditorium

Several invited speakers will present latest developments in cardiac biology on March 9 (all day) and the morning of March 10. Main topics covered will be 1) Chromatin Regulation; 2) Transcriptomics analysis; and 3) Non-coding RNAs.

In the afternoon of Mach 10, selected speakers will engage in paper discussion workshops with doctoral students of the Life Science PhD of the FBM-UNIL.

Registration will be free, but mandatory. More information will follow soon.

The event will be accredited by the Direction of veterinary affairs and their inspection (DAVI), section Lausanne.