CIG internal seminars 2019-2020, every other Thursday, 4pm

The mission of the seminar series is to:
  • get to know each other and learn about each other’s research in an informal setting
  • provide scientific feedback to presenters by colleagues
  • provide advice on presentation skills by PIs attending your seminar (if you’d like to receive this feedback)
Participating in the seminar series could mean the start of a potential collaboration with your colleagues or an opportunity to practice a talk for a congress!
The format is 2 x 30 minute presentations for a broad audience, on a Thursday from 16-17h every two weeks, in an informal setting with an apéro.
The informal setting is emphasized, and the audience will be encouraged to interrupt presenters during their talk for questions.
New! At least once per semester, one of the 30 minute talks will be replaced by 5-minute “flash talks” for new members to present themselves shortly to the community.
New! Each seminar will be chaired by a fellow PhD student or postdoc, who shortly introduces the speaker and takes questions from the audience.