course on recombinant protein production

The Protein Expression Core Facility of the Life Sciences Faculty of the EPFL will offer a short lecture course in the basics of recombinant protein production on February 19, 2010 from 9h00 to 12h00 in room CH B3.31 of the chemistry building.

The course will focus on protein production in mammalian cells with less emphasis on E. coli as a production host.

Topics include:

Suspension cultivation of mammalian cells

Transient protein expression in mammalian cells

Generation of recombinant cell lines

Design of expression vectors for mammalian hosts

E. coli as an expression host

Anyone from the Center for Integrative Genomics is welcome to attend. There is no cost for the course.

Please notify David Hacker, the manager, by email before February 17 of your intention to attend the course.

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