SNSF R’Equip; deadline: May 15

R’Equip – Research Equipment

Under its R’Equip programme (Research Equipment), the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) supports the purchase, development and modernization (upgrading) of research equipment, which is essential for the launch of new research facilities.

In many research areas success is dependent on the availability of top-quality equipment. In recent years, investment in such research equipment at Swiss higher education institutions has declined to a relatively low level. The SNSF has set itself the objective with its R’Equip programme of forestalling this trend before any deficits become evident in the national research infrastructure.

The SNSF accepts applications for R’Equip funding for all specialist areas. The conditions for applications and funding are to be found in the R’Equip regulations.

The deadline for submission of the next round of funding applications is 15th of may 2010. The SNSF will announce the decisions of its Research Council in the second half of november 2010. The earliest possible starting date for R’Equip grants will be 01 December 2010.

Please note that R’Equip proposals can only be submitted on the electronic pathway, via the portal mySNF.

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