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Good luck to Sandra Huber

The artist in residence at the CIG, Sandra Huber, a swiss-canadian writer, will leave the 3rd floor after a 9 months residency within the frame of Artists-in-Labs.

more on Sandra-Jo’s project:

Assembling the Morrow

A compilation of poemic objects bridging the languages of science and artifice in order to explore that chaotic and lucid space between sleep and waking, night and day. The tension arising from language and content set up a platform from which to interrogate the drive towards the towards the ‘new,’ the avant-garde, and what happens when that drive is stranded in a space of not-yet-achieved (like a sleeper never quite waking, a day never quite becoming).

more on the Artists-in-Labs project


Good luck to Sarah Mathews

Sarah Mathews, an evolutionary biologist from the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, has spent 2 months in the Fankhauser lab (starting on September 28, 2010) to study how key evolutionary changes may have led to innovations in the phytochrome family of plant photoreceptors. She will leave us on November 23, 2010.


Good Luck to Liviu Vanoaica

We wish good luck to Liviu Vanoaica who leaves the CIG on November 30th, 2010. Liviu has been working as a postdoc in Prof. Walter Wahli‘s group since September 1st, 2009.


Good luck to Brice Petit

Brice Petit worked during the past 4 years as a technician in Mehdi Tafti’s group. He left the CIG on October 31st to join Merck Serono in Geneva, as a Research Associate. We wish him good luck in his new position.


A new job for Suresh Balsiger

Suresh will leave the animal house on October 31, to work for the laverie since November 1, 2010.


Good luck to Akadiri Yessoufou

Akadiri Yessoufou started working at the CIG as in intern in Prof. Walter Wahli’s group from October 1st, 2009 to December 31st, 2009. Afterwards, he was hired as a postdoc on January 1st, 2010.

He will leave the CIG on October 31st, 2010 and move back to Benin. We wish him all the best !