Visit the brand new CIG intranet!

We created a “Wiki”.

What’s that?
-> French presentation (<3mn)

-> English presentation (<3mn)

This will replace the internal information that was available until now on the institute’s website. Searching responses to your questions will be easier thanks to the search engine.

The pages in “more info” will not be deleted before the fall semester 2022, so you can still access it if the information you are looking for does not appear yet on the CIG intranet. (Please inform Julie Papet if this occurs)

The “people”, “contact” and “open positions” tabs will remain as they are not exclusively addressed to CIG members (e.g.: other departments’ members, lay public, scientists willing to contact a CIG member or applying to an open position at the CIG).

Please contact Julie Papet if:
– you have any question or remark on the CIG intranet
– you are looking for a missing information
– you would like to propose new pages / a reorganisation of some pages / provide information to complete the wiki

Astuce pour les francophones:
Les recherches en français fonctionnent grâce aux “tags” que contiennent les pages de l’intranet. Pour trouver la page expliquant la réservation des salles de réunions par exemple, il faudra tapper dans la barre de recherche “[réunion]” pour avoir le même résultat que “meeting”.

Autrement il est également possible de faire une recherche par “tag” dans la colonne de gauche.