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Génopode’s 1th #HappyWednesday – Wed. Sep 29, from 5:00 p.m.

The social committee is back from summer break with a new event: The language exchange!
Language exchanges will be organised in collaboration with the Association for Postdocs in Natural Sciences at UNIL (APNS) and opened to PhD students as well as PAT.

Language exchange, food, drinks and fun will be provided.

Wednesday 29th of September, from 17h00 (late arrival possible)

On the Vidy beach.

Register here:

Further information:
Small groups of 4-5 will be made depending on the language participants want to learn and of their level.
Native English and French speakers are wanted!

Note: as the event may involve a potentially large number of participants we will require a valid covid certificate from all attendants. 

No worries, the #HappyThursdays will be back in October, starting with a ping pong tournament, from 17:30, on the UNIL campus!

Contact / join the social committee team:


Journée Osez tous les Métiers (JOM) 2021 at the Génopode

If your child goes to school in the canton of Vaud, within the 7 to 9 year, the “Journée Oser tous les Métiers” concerns you.
It will be organized November 11, 2021.

Commun activities can be organized if enough persons are interested. Please answer the following doodle by Oct. 4, 2021 to register your child to CIG activities:

Should you have any question about the organisation, please contact

Further information about activities organized by the UNIL can be found here (not updated yet):


20 Fully funded PhD studentships in Quantitative Biology

20 Fully funded PhD studentships in Quantitative Biology 

The advent of large-throughput data is transforming life sciences into an increasingly quantitative discipline. The University of Lausanne (Switzerland) is at the forefront of this revolution, with quantitative research ramping up throughout the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, a dedicated department of Computational Biology, and interdisciplinary units such as the Center for Integrative Genomics. UNIL also hosts the headquarters of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, to which many quantitative research groups are affiliated, and closely collaborates with EPFL on the same campus. Ideally situated along the lake of Geneva, near Lausanne’s city center, UNIL brings together over 120 nationalities.

UNIL’s Faculty of Biology and Medicine has recently launched a doctoral program entitled “Quantitative Biology”. A wide range of research groups are recruiting PhD students, covering areas as diverse as Genetics, Cell biology, Metabolism, Computational biology, Oncology, Evolution, Microbiology, Imaging, Molecular biology, Neuroscience, Gene regulation, Radiobiology, Plant science, Ancient DNA, Population Genetics, Single-cell Genomics, Epi-lipidomics, Stem Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials.

In 2021, hiring principal investigators include Francesca Amati, Claudia Bagni, Sven Bergmann, Christophe Dessimoz, Oscar Esteban, David Gfeller, Raphael Gottardo, Jerome Goudet, Emmanuella Guenova, Shukry James Habib, Laurent Keller, Zoltan Kutalik, Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas, Sophie Martin, Micah Murray, Alexandre Reymond, Tanja Schwander, Alessandro Villa, Claus Wedekind, Christian Widmann.

Job information

Expected start date: 01.03.2022 or to be agreed

Successful candidates will be offered one of two kinds of PhD student work contract, depending on the funding available to the hiring supervisor by the start of the contract:

(1)    Doctoral assistant on UNIL funds, at an activity rate of 85%. The initial contract is of one year but will be renewed up to 5 years.
(2)    Doctoral assistant on external funds, at an activity rate of 100%. The initial contract is of one year but will be renewed up to 4 years.

Please also note that in some cases, again depending on the hiring supervisor situation, contracts will be issued from the CHUV (University Hospital) or a different UNIL faculty.

Workplace: University of Lausanne (Dorigny, Bugnon, or Epalinges—depending on the supervisor)

Your qualifications
We are accepting applications from talented and enthusiastic candidates who are interested in a dynamic, well-supported lab at a top research institution. Candidates need to finish a Master’s degree in a relevant area before the start date of their doctoral studies.

We are looking for three main types of PhD students:
 * Students with a life science degree, interested in working in an experimental lab, but with a high degree of motivation to learn the fundamentals of computational biology, and to develop quantitative skills to analyse data more effectively
 * Students with a life science degree interested in working in a dry computational lab, keen to deepen their quantitative skills and broaden their horizon in terms of experimental and computational techniques
 * Students with a non-biological background (e.g. computer science, maths, physics), who are highly motivated to transition to Life Sciences

A high level of written and spoken English proficiency is required since most scientific activities are conducted in English.

What the position offers you

You will develop your research project while working in a world competitive, interdisciplinary and highly collaborative environment. 

The PhD program in Quantitative Biology provides opportunities for professional training and acquisition of highly transferable skills. This is complemented by a wide range of activities (retreats, symposia, student life).

The positions are fully funded. Salary and benefits are internationally highly competitive. Additional funding for consumables, computing, and to attend international conferences is available.

Your application 

For your application to be considered, you need to fill in two forms:

The first form, at, requires the following informations:
  * Personal details
  * A cover letter. This can be very brief, since you should provide your motivation in the 2nd form below.
  * A single PDF document containing:
     * Your curriculum vitae (with extracurricular activities, internships, publications, conferences, awards, software contributions, etc.)
     * Master’s thesis summary
     * The names and contact details of 2-3 referees.

The second form,, requires you to answer the following questions

  * What your most meaningful research experience to date and why? [up to 4000 characters, i.e. approximately 850 words]
  * What accomplishment–academic or not–to date are you proudest and why? [up to 1500 characters, i.e. approximately 320 words]
  * Why would you like to pursue a PhD, and why specifically at the UNIL Quantitative Biology Ph.D. program? [up to 1500 characters, i.e. approximately 320 words]
  * Which recruiting labs are you the most interested in and why [up to 1500 characters, i.e. approximately 320 words]

Remote interviews will take place on 17 and 18 November 2020. Lab visits and interviews will take place on 8-9 December 2020 in Lausanne (pandemic allowing–else remote alternative will be organized).

Informal inquiries

Prof. Christophe Dessimoz, Director of the UNIL Doctoral Program in Quantitative Biology (

For more information, please consult


Génopode’s 6th #HappyThursday – Thu. April 29, from 6:00p.m.

This time, the social committee proposes a live outdoor a Scavenger Hunt in the city of Lausanne on Thursday 29th of April from 18 onwards.

Register and you will be assigned in a group with four other people. With your crew, explore Lausanne, find the tips and the clues to move to the next step, until the last steps!
Careful, four other teams are doing the same tour as you, so be the fastest! To keep hydrated during the hunt, supplies will be provided.

*** Corona safety rules ***
– To ensure the maximum of protection for everybody, you will be split into 5-people groups.
– Mask should be worn during the whole game and a safe distance should be maintained between the participants.

-Each group will not meet accidentally at the different steps of the game because you will not start at the same geographic position. If by any chance, two groups are on the same enigma at the same place, please, wait for the one group to finish before the other starts. 

To make the game more interactive, every group should share its live location during the game, and at least one person should have access to What’s app to communicate with the organisers (tips can also be given this way). 

To sign up (mandatory) indicate your FULL NAME here:

Please also indicate if you agree to share your live location during the game and give the organisers your number for What’s app communication!


Génopode’s 4th #HappyThursday – Thu. Mar. 4, at 6:30p.m.

The social committee is proud to propose to the Genopode community a second edition of its incredible Pub quiz!

Update your calendar and quickly find your teammates before the best are all taken (or just enroll as free member, you will be gathered in a very eclectic team – which might bring you victory)!

Registration by March 3, 2021:


Génopode’s 3rd #HappyThursday

When? on the 18.02.2021 at 18:30
What? A murder mystery dinner Zoom conference!

“Oswald Zevern is the charismatic founder of Zevern Technologies, which has digitized child care. Zevern’s advanced child care app changed the world of babysitting. Of course, the app is supposed to be used in conjunction with a living breathing babysitter, but not everyone does that and it’s amazing how well the app keeps children entertained! It was great! Until Oz was found murdered during an employee retreat in Colorado. You’re a department head for Zevern Technologies. The company was supposed to go public in a month, a huge business deal that would bring in millions, perhaps billions, and make you and every other person at this meeting rich. It’s only a week after the murder and there’s an emergency conference meeting. What do you do now? Are you going to continue forward? Things will happen in the game that raise the stakes and affect you! CAN YOU FIGURE OUT WHO MURDERED OZ BEFORE THEY MURDER YOU?

This is a ≈ 1.5h – 2h long guided role-playing experience.
You play a role assigned to you by the host (us, the committee! 😎).
There are some basic parameters for your character, goals to achieve and secrets to keep, that are all described in less than a page that will take you less than 10min of your time before the game. But you’ll have lots of room to improvise and play. Talk, ask questions, enjoy being someone else, while getting to know your colleagues!

As always: The #HappyThurday is open to everyone from the Génopode, regardless of whether you are a student, PhD, Postdoc, staff member or PI.

You can join individually or specify up to three people with whom you would like to be teamed up (just drop us an Email with the names at

If you would like to join, just sign up on doodle:

!!! Please use a name with that we can identify you, because we will need to send you your character information a few days before the event! !!!

The CIG Social Committee 🎉
(Athena, Chiara, Lina, Linh, Nina & Noémie)