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Génopode’s 6th #HappyThursday – Thu. April 29, from 6:00p.m.

This time, the social committee proposes a live outdoor a Scavenger Hunt in the city of Lausanne on Thursday 29th of April from 18 onwards.

Register and you will be assigned in a group with four other people. With your crew, explore Lausanne, find the tips and the clues to move to the next step, until the last steps!
Careful, four other teams are doing the same tour as you, so be the fastest! To keep hydrated during the hunt, supplies will be provided.

*** Corona safety rules ***
– To ensure the maximum of protection for everybody, you will be split into 5-people groups.
– Mask should be worn during the whole game and a safe distance should be maintained between the participants.

-Each group will not meet accidentally at the different steps of the game because you will not start at the same geographic position. If by any chance, two groups are on the same enigma at the same place, please, wait for the one group to finish before the other starts. 

To make the game more interactive, every group should share its live location during the game, and at least one person should have access to What’s app to communicate with the organisers (tips can also be given this way). 

To sign up (mandatory) indicate your FULL NAME here:

Please also indicate if you agree to share your live location during the game and give the organisers your number for What’s app communication!


Génopode’s 4th #HappyThursday – Thu. Mar. 4, at 6:30p.m.

The social committee is proud to propose to the Genopode community a second edition of its incredible Pub quiz!

Update your calendar and quickly find your teammates before the best are all taken (or just enroll as free member, you will be gathered in a very eclectic team – which might bring you victory)!

Registration by March 3, 2021:


Génopode’s 3rd #HappyThursday

When? on the 18.02.2021 at 18:30
What? A murder mystery dinner Zoom conference!

“Oswald Zevern is the charismatic founder of Zevern Technologies, which has digitized child care. Zevern’s advanced child care app changed the world of babysitting. Of course, the app is supposed to be used in conjunction with a living breathing babysitter, but not everyone does that and it’s amazing how well the app keeps children entertained! It was great! Until Oz was found murdered during an employee retreat in Colorado. You’re a department head for Zevern Technologies. The company was supposed to go public in a month, a huge business deal that would bring in millions, perhaps billions, and make you and every other person at this meeting rich. It’s only a week after the murder and there’s an emergency conference meeting. What do you do now? Are you going to continue forward? Things will happen in the game that raise the stakes and affect you! CAN YOU FIGURE OUT WHO MURDERED OZ BEFORE THEY MURDER YOU?

This is a ≈ 1.5h – 2h long guided role-playing experience.
You play a role assigned to you by the host (us, the committee! 😎).
There are some basic parameters for your character, goals to achieve and secrets to keep, that are all described in less than a page that will take you less than 10min of your time before the game. But you’ll have lots of room to improvise and play. Talk, ask questions, enjoy being someone else, while getting to know your colleagues!

As always: The #HappyThurday is open to everyone from the Génopode, regardless of whether you are a student, PhD, Postdoc, staff member or PI.

You can join individually or specify up to three people with whom you would like to be teamed up (just drop us an Email with the names at

If you would like to join, just sign up on doodle:

!!! Please use a name with that we can identify you, because we will need to send you your character information a few days before the event! !!!

The CIG Social Committee 🎉
(Athena, Chiara, Lina, Linh, Nina & Noémie)


CIG central services’ holiday closing – 2020

Please, find below the closing and re-opening dates of the following central services:

Stock, maintenance and ordering: closes from Wednesday Dec. 23, at 11:15am and opens again Monday, Jan. 4.
Washing facility:  closes from Tuesday, Dec. 22 at 3pm, and opens again Monday, Jan. 4.
Central administration: closes from Friday Dec. 18, at 4pm and opens again Monday, Jan. 4
IT support: closes from Wednesday, Dec. 23 at 4pm, and opens again Monday, Jan. 11.
If you need computer support within these dates, please contact the helpdesk of Unil by phone at 2211 or by e-mail at

Scientific Services of the CIG:

Genotyping:  closes from Tuesday, Dec. 22 at 12pm, and opens again Monday, Jan. 4. 
To receive results before the end of the year, samples must be provided by Thursday Dec. 17 at the latest
Phenotyping: closes from Wednesday Dec. 23, at 4pm and opens again Monday, Jan. 11
Workshop and biofluid assays: close from Friday, Dec. 18 at 5pm and open again Monday, Jan. 4.
Cell culture and general technical support:
closes from Tuesday, Dec. 22 at 4pm, and opens again Monday, Jan. 4
Bioinformatics: and Metabolism: close from Wednesday, Dec. 23, at 4pm and open again Monday, Jan. 4.

Have a nice holiday!


CIG General Assembly 2020, Friday Dec. 4, at 3:00 PM

Alexandre Reymond, Director of the CIG, invites all CIG members to participate to this year’s General Assembly on Friday Dec. 4, 2020

Please join the following Zoom meeting from 14:55. The meeting will start at 15:00.
Zoom meeting 
Meeting ID : 973 8854 3806
Password : GA2020


Recrutement du comité éditorial de la revue RED par et pour les Doctorant.e.s

* English bellow *

Recrutement du comité éditorial de la revue RED.
Revue Pluridisciplinaire d’Éducation par et pour les Doctorant.e.s.

La revue RED. est une revue pluridisciplinaire sur l’éducation créée, gérée et alimentée par et pour les doctorant.e.s. Dans le cadre de son lancement, nous recherchons des doctorant.e.s. ou post-doctorant.e.s motivé.e.s pour intégrer son Comité éditorial.

RED. est une revue scientifique francophone pensée pour proposer aux doctorant.e.s et post- doctorant.e.s un espace dans lequel ils peuvent se familiariser avec l’univers des publications scientifiques. Rattachée à l’université de Genève, elle entend associer dans ses organes de gestion des étudiant.e.s les Universités et Hautes Ecoles Pédagogiques de Suisse romande francophone. Cette revue permettra aux étudiant.e.s de valoriser leurs travaux de thèse et de dynamiser le monde doctoral.

La revue RED. a pour vocation de former les doctorant.e.s et post-doctorant.e.s à la publication scientifique à double titre : former au processus éditorial (pour les membres du Comité éditorial) et former à l’écriture d’articles scientifiques (pour les auteur.e.s.). Les membres du Comité éditorial participeront à une journée de formation durant laquelle ils se familiariseront au processus éditorial : choix des thématiques, écriture d’appel à proposition, choix des contributeurs, évaluation des articles, gestion des évaluateurs.trices. Cette journée sera organisée à chaque renouvellement du CE, à savoir tous les deux ans.

La revue RED. est une revue pluridisciplinaire ancrée dans les sciences de l’éducation, mais invitant d’autres disciplines à traiter une thématique commune, autrement dit une thématique qui soulève des enjeux dans d’autres disciplines que celle des sciences de l’éducation.

Le Comité éditorial (CE) sera composé d’environ huit personnes. La mission du CE est d’élaborer la ligne scientifique des numéros par la rédaction d’appel à projets, expertises, relectures, rédaction d’éditorial et de veiller à la cohérence du numéro. Aussi, il est responsable de l’organisation de colloques ou autres manifestations scientifiques le cas échéant. Cet espace est réservé aux doctorant.e.s et post-doctorant.e.s en sciences de l’éducation et dans d’autres disciplines. Les membres qui intègrent le CE s’engage pour deux ans, renouvelables en fonction de leur statut académique. Le comité se réunira deux à trois fois par an. La première réunion aura lieu au semestre de printemps 2021.

Les profils recherchés : vous êtes doctorant.e.s en Suisse romande en sciences de l’éducation ou dans tout autre discipline, vous êtes post-doctorant.e.s. depuis moins de trois ans, vous aimez lire, écrire et réécrire, vous êtes intéressé.e.s par le processus éditorial…

Si vous êtes motivé.e.s par ce nouveau challenge, merci de nous faire parvenir une lettre de motivation, un C.V. ainsi qu’un exemple de document rédigé par vos soins (ex : canevas de thèse, extrait de mémoire, articles etc…) avant le 11 décembre 2020 aux adresses suivantes :;

Informations supplémentaires:
Kilian Winz-Wirth, Assistant doctorant
Université de Genève – 022 379 90 52

* English *
Recruitment of the editorial board of the RED. journal

PluRidisciplinary Journal of Education by and for Doctoral Students. 

RED. is a multidisciplinary journal on education created and managed by and for doctoral students. As part of its launch, we are looking for motivated doctoral and post-doctoral students to join its Editorial Board. 

RED. is a French-speaking scientific journal designed to offer doctoral and post-doctoral students a space in which they can get acquainted with the specificities of scientific publications. Attached to the University of Geneva, it intends to involve the Universities and Hautes Ecoles Pédagogiques of French-speaking Switzerland in its student management bodies. This journal will allow students to promote their thesis work and to stimulate the doctoral training programmes. 

The journal RED. aims to train doctoral and post-doctoral students in scientific publication in two ways: training in the editorial process (for the members of the Editorial Board) and training in the writing of scientific articles (for the authors). The members of the Editorial Board will take part in a training day during which they will discover the editorial process: choice of themes, writing a call for proposals, choice of contributors, evaluation of articles, management of evaluators. This day will be organized every two years when the EB is renewed. 

RED. is a multidisciplinary journal rooted in the educational sciences, but inviting other disciplines to address a common theme, in other words a theme that raises issues in disciplines other than the educational sciences. 

The Editorial Board (EB) will be composed of approximately eight people. The mission of the EB is to develop the scientific line of the issues by writing calls for projects, expert opinions, proofreading, editorial writing and to ensure the coherence of each issue. Also, it is responsible for the organization of colloquia or other scientific events when necessary. This space is reserved for doctoral and post-doctoral students in educational sciences and other disciplines. Members who join the EB commit themselves for two years, renewable according to their academic status. The committee will meet two to three times a year. The first meeting will take place in the spring semester of 2021. 

Desired profiles: you are a doctoral student in French-speaking Switzerland in educational sciences or in any other discipline, you are a post-doctoral student for less than three years, you enjoy reading, writing and rewriting, you are interested in the editorial process… 

If you are motivated by this new challenge, please send us a cover letter, a resume as well as a sample of a document written by you (e.g. thesis outline, thesis extract, articles etc…) before December 11th, 2020 to the following addresses: and 

Further information:
Kilian Winz-Wirth, PhD student
University of Geneva – 022 379 90 52